Finishing the book.

Finally  finished  the cover and text for  the book, and submitted it to CreateSpace. If I had known the number of corrections I was going to make I would have hesitated, but like all things we charge in blindly and make some out of nothing.  Along the way I've changed the name yet again. Why, oh why, is finding a unique name to indicate a marine in space have to be so difficult. Although I always thought the name originated with Robert A. Heinlein.

"The phrase "space marines" first appears in Robert A. Heinlein's "Misfit" (1939) and is again used in "The Long Watch", and so this is recorded in Wiki, but Warhammer 40,000 seems to own the copyright so who are we to argue.

Here is a list of all the names I collated as I searched for a new name: Star Marines, Federation Navy Marine Corps, Galactic Federation Marine Corps, Imperial Space Marine Chapters, Terran Confederation Marine Corps, Earth Defense Forces, Colonial Marines, Confederate Marine Corps, UNSC Marine Corps(Halo), Earth Defence Marine Corps, Frontiersmen, Interplanetary Strategic Alliance Marines, USM Marine Corps, Marine Space Corps, Galactic Marines of the Grand Army of the Republic, United States Colonial Marine Corps (Aliens), EarthForce Marine Corps, United States Marine Corps Space Aviator Cavalry (ha! horses in space), Colonial Marine Corps, Galactic Marines, Mobile Infantry, United Nations Exploratory Force, Imperial Marines, CoDominium Marines, Federation Navy Marine Corps, Royal Manticoran Marine Corps, Confederation Marine Corps, United Star Marine Corps, Martian Naval Corps.

A lot of these aren't with power armor, but they serve the same function as front line space shock troops. 

From a copyright point of view the name is probably out of copyright,  going back some 75 years, indeed "James Cameron said he essentially invented the modern 'space marine' so if anyone should be allowed to use it it should be him." Although I  haven't been able to find this original quote. Maybe the Warhammer space marine has a special spelling the covers a new copyright.

So I'm plumbed for Skymarines, and have had to go back redact all the stories and the book. Seriously, if I had known the mountains I'd have to climb I'd never gone writing.

The cover has come out nicely, although until I get a copy from the printer, it's an unknown.

Author... hehehe. 

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